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Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas & Designs

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets Murphy wall beds vanity cabinets are decorative finishes we all have in our homes. Over time, we get bored with the design and start admiring new and modern options available in the market. However, the market holds a sea of possibilities and sometimes finding the right person for the job is difficult. The suggestions you get may even be far from what you expected. The good thing is that you can have insights on what you have at home some people even provide virtual designs before the job so you can be guaranteed that the job will be satisfactory. As for me, I always prefer doing my homework first. Here are the most recent trends you can use.

Open Shelving.

Goodbye to the old shelving and say hello to open shelving. Make no mistake, but open shelving has been there for a while now. This probably because open shelves complement the room sizes and they always look appealing. You can always display your antique utensils to add a bit of decoration to the room. With everything exposed, you can be sure that the place will still be clean and the flow of air ensures that there is no room for bugs to hide.

Floor Color & Lighting.

If you want to redesign the entire kitchen, I would recommend dark floors since the always add a comforting feel to the kitchen especially if your walls and shelves are bright coloured. You can always rely on the contrast to rejuvenate the entire kitchen making it look stunning. The beauty of contrast is that a touch of lighting creates a breath-taking environment. You can have a chandelier or engraved spot-lights under shelves and on the ceiling as well. This will allow you set a brand new theme in the entire kitchen.

Granite or quartz countertops.

Modern technology has introduced a variety of new designs of countertops. You can get a fantastic galaxy coated epoxy countertop of many colours that you can blend in with your desired theme. This technology has taken the industry by storm allowing designers to create exemplary finishing such as coloured doors, shelves and worktops. However, good old Granite still does the job. It has been used over time and probably because they are durable. Granite comes in a limited variety of colours however, its waterproof capabilities and beautiful finishing have a long-lasting effect.

Two Tone Cabinets.

This finishing adds a new exciting twist to your kitchen. The character finishing is a blend of modern and traditional kitchens. The variety of combinations one can have is probably one of the best features more so if you have a tight budget then This is the best way to redecorate your kitchen.

Open Layout.

Tearing down a wall or two might compliment not only your kitchen but also the surrounding rooms. Space always creates an illusion of space, but it provides new space for more creativity. That island as well can be used as a quick dining area while the open space can be a minibar. The light dining and relaxing environment will create a welcoming feeling to the house.

I sincerely hope you have found what you wanted the many varieties in this modern market might be confusing, but it will give you the results you want. An excellent post might just be an inspiration, only a professional or a handy husband can do the task, Ha-ha I’m kidding. Whatever you choose we will be glad to hear about it. More so, the options you chose as well as the reasons you had to do it

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