basement living room

Basements and Hangnails

So it’s almost August and we’re roughly three-ish weeks away from this house being finished.


And in typical fashion I’m way behind on updating the progress of this house. I last left off with the drywall complete upstairs. Well, not only is the drywall finished everywhere, but so is the painting…along with trim work and other things starting this week.

Back to the drywall though. I’ve shown you upstairs, so now onto the basement. Because it’s sometimes hard to get an idea of the layout by individual photos, I’ll try to explain the basement.

Coming down from the steps you basically enter one semi-gigantic open area. Almost straight ahead is the patio door, to the left will be the area used as the living room and to the right is a kitchenette and hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. Off the living room is our mechanical room as well as an exercise room. Well, it’ll be used as an exercise room for now. I’m guessing in 10 years (or sooner) Anna will want to move away from her parents and join her siblings in the basement, so we planned to have it technically be another bedroom as well.

Because our basement is a walk-out we are fortunate enough to have quite large windows making the basement not feel so much like….well, a basement. Property not suitable for a walk-out basement was an absolute deal breaker for us.

Now that you’re clearly picturing the basement layout thanks to my stellar description, let’s take a look at some photos.


This is the stairway. Hence the stairs.

But really the point of this photo is to show the space under the stairs, because eventually it’ll be turned into a play space for the kids.

basement living room

Looking to the left is the living room area. Obviously a fireplace will be in the corner. We’ll have built-in cabinetry along that back wall as well. The door you see to the left is for the exercise/bedroom.

exercise room

And this is the exercise room.

kitchenette basement

To the right of the stairs is the patio door, more open space and on the right side of the photo you can see where the kitchenette will be. We’ll thank ourselves about 12 years from now having a second fridge when we have three teenagers in the house.

Just typing that scares me.

kitchenette 2

Off the kitchenette we have a decent sized storage room, which is where I’ll have our deep freezer amongst other household items.

basement hallway

Then down the hallway are Matthew and Mollie’s bedrooms on the left. They are identical to each other. Across from their room is another storage room and at the end of the hallway is a bathroom.

We’re preparing for some rough months ahead transitioning basically two toddlers to the basement. So when I’m walking down those steps at 2 a.m because my four year old has a hangnail (Yes…A.Hang.Nail. Apparently they’re emergencies.) I’ll just be thinking of all that extra exercise I’m getting going up and down those steps. Probably didn’t even need the exercise room.

There’s a bigger chance though I’ll just be like, what the EFF were we thinking.

What we’re thinking though is that we plan to be in this house for the long haul. And our kids won’t stay so little much longer. Someday I really think we’re going to like having a little separation.

Until then we’ll rely heavily on baby monitors with all the bells and whistles.

kids bedroom

And this is just one of the kids bedrooms. It’s a bedroom. Nothing too fancy about it.

So that’s the basement.

I can hardly handle how excited I am this house is so close to being finished. The days are going by both too fast and too slow.

We are so, so ready to get back to some normalcy and have a home. Not a house, not a place to live…a home.



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