You Know What They Say About Walls…

That you are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

So, we added some doors.

Problem solved. And now our house is actually starting to look like…well, a house, because framing is up!

I always think this stage is a little scary. The spaces play some sort of optical illusion and they look smaller somehow. You start thinking there’s no way the rooms will be big enough, or the kitchen will have enough room to move comfortably and you kind of start freaking out. And even though we reminded ourselves we felt this same way the first time we built, and it all turned out to be just fine, we still found ourselves fearing the same things again when the framing started to go up.

The transformation from a blank subfloor to a subfloor with framed walls is amazing though. You really start getting a feel for the spaces and they somehow seem larger when they’re more clearly defined.

And then when you start adding sheetrock, floor coverings and finishing those rooms off the space transforms again and it’s even more amazing.

The beauty is this time, we know not to freak out (quite as much) because we know it’s about to get so much better.

Well, that is if I can actually pull off my vision for this house.

I’m fascinated by this process though. I love seeing what was once just an idea become a reality.

Poured foundation and footings



The basement framing went up first. It’s not completely framed up yet, but the idea is there!

Looking into what will be the basement family room.


Exercise room. We have planned that eventually Anna may want to move downstairs with her siblings when she’s older, so it’s technically a bedroom as well.


Matthew and Mollie’s rooms.

Hard to tell with all the framing, but somewhere in there are two framed up doors.


The front view of our home. I can’t wait to see it with the roof on!

The ‘middle’ part of the house will have 11 foot ceilings, the remainder will have 9′.


Front door


Living room windowDSC_0046

Looking from living room into bedroom area. There’ll be three bedrooms upstairs and three downstairs.

One upstairs will be used as an office, and the extra downstairs for now is the exercise room.


This little area will someday be a built in buffet in the dining room.


Looking into the porch from the dining room. The porch will extend out onto a covered deck as well.


Looking into the master bedroom. The master bath is just to the left in the photo.


The back of the house.

Matthew and Mollie’s bedroom windows haven’t been cut out yet.


The deck is yet to be built, but once it is we will eventually have the stairs coming down and leading onto a fire pit patio with a seating wall (much like we had at our first home). The basement patio door (underneath the living room windows for reference) will lead out onto the circular part of the patio.

Trust me, that will all make a lot more sense when it’s finished.

Too bad we have to wait a year to complete the landscaping. Turns out letting the ground settle a bit is a pretty important step 😉


This next week we should be getting closer to roof trusses and having the framing completed. It’s so exciting to see this house start to take shape!





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