Laundry Room Reveal

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I’m celebrating with the laundry room finally, finally being done and for such a petite space it was ridiculously time consuming!

The challenge with a small laundry room is making the space not only functional but appealing enough that you actually, kind of, don’t really mind spending time in there.

For the space I had to work with, it was important I had enough storage (for linens, detergents, cleaning supplies, etc), counter space for folding clothes and an area for a couple laundry baskets.

In my dream laundry room (a sure sign I need better dreams) I would have an entire  wall of storage for dirty clothes needing to be washed and clean (even folded!) clothes that need to be put away. And a tv.

Definitely a tv.

But clearly that was not going to be happening in my roughly 7 x 9′ room.

So what’s the saying? Work with what your mama gave you?

Or in this case, our contractor.

I found some inspiration here for tiny laundry rooms.

If you recall in the previous post we added upper cabinets and a wall storage cabinet over two years ago. In effort to keep the cost down, and because they are still quite functional, we left them as is.

Just to refresh your memory, this is the before.

laundry room before_Fotor_Fotor

The very first thing we did was remove the window trim and utility sink.


And wouldn’t you agree I had the cutest help around?

Then we got busy with one of the biggest changes which was the addition of countertops. You can see how we made the countertops here.

To install the countertops, we first had to decide the height to place them. Ideally, I would’ve had them about 3 inches lower, but the hubs made a good point that we needed to be able to remove the washer and dryer easily in case of an emergency. This left an unsightly gap between the counter and washer/dryer.

We fixed that by adding a piece of 1 x3″ trim to the front of the counter.


Then we created a way for our countertop to be both attached and braced by mounting 2×4 boards into the studs.


We then had to adjust the height of the utility sink to create a level counter. We did this by creating pocket holes and attaching a piece of 1 x 6 board to the existing cabinet.



A bracket (mounted to a wall stud) was placed between the washer and dryer for additional support.

And it was time to install the countertop!

We used a jig saw to cut out space for the utility sink.


Then applied two coats of Minwax Jacobean stain followed by two coats of Minwax tung oil.

We installed 1/2″ trim around the countertops. We determined the size of the trim based on the size of the backsplash tiles, in an effort to minimize the amount to tile cutting.

I made an identical, but miniature, version of the countertop on the opposite wall as well which can fit 2 ~ 3 laundry bins underneath (depending the size)

Next it was installing the glass tile backsplash. In the end, I went with a product called Aspect Peel & Stick Tiles. I’m still a little leery how well they’ll hold up over time.

We shall see.


Actually, I kind of hope we don’t see. Because by that time I plan to be gazing out my new kitchen window watching the goats frolicking about our gently rolling acreage and the sun setting on the horizon…

Every so often I really do feel sorry for my husband.

Anyhow, the color is called Morning Dew and I’ll be showing you the installation process in a future post!

The cabinet below the sink was painted white.


Simple wainscoting was added by purchasing the panels, attaching to the wall studs with a brad nail gun and adding a chair rail.

The new light fixture was installed.

I’m really loving the whole ‘industrial meets rustic’ feel lately.

 Nail holes were spackled, paint was touched up. Window trim was replaced.

And did you notice the Costco-sized animal cracker container trying to make a life as a money jar?


Well, it’s gone. Good riddance.


The last final touches were added…



and that is how you update a laundry room for $300!

Here’s an estimated cost break down:

New light fixture – $29

Wainscoting – $20

Lumber for both countertops – $54.95

Brackets – $10

Trim – $20

Backsplash (splurge!) – $164

Tung Oil – $12.99

Ok. Fine.


* The necessary tools (saws, kreg jig, brad nailer etc) and other supplies such as the stain and paint we had on hand.

Check back in a month after the lust has worn off and I’ll let you know if I have any folded clothes.



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  1. Popping over from The Makers Link Up Party =) Your room is beautiful and I am jealous. My laundry space is in the basement and that corner hasn’t gotten any love yet. We paint the walls as we redo a section. someday… Be sure to share your crafts & DIYs at Two Uses Tuesday (Mon 11pm EST to Fri 11pm EST) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!
    Sarah J recently posted…Two Uses Tuesday Link Up 17My Profile

  2. So beautiful!! With all of our other rooms in our house having been made over, our laundry room has missed out on it. It’s a sad dungeon….but I have hopes that maybe this is that room’s year. LOL Thanks for posting, i found you on Totally Terrific Tuesday
    Kim Cargile (Life at 523) recently posted…Lunch Packing StationMy Profile

  3. This looks just beautiful! Man I wish we didn’t have a top loading washer… I’d love to put a countertop over it. I’ve seen the peel and stick tile, wonder how long it lasts too. Either way it looks fabulous!
    Great work!
    carolyn recently posted…The Ugly And Beautiful Truth… Yet AgainMy Profile

  4. This is a fantastic makeover! Our laundry room could use a little—okay a lot—of love. Pinning yours for inspiration :) Thanks for linking up at Creative Spark last week. Hope you’ll join us again tomorrow – the party starts at 6am EST!

  5. Amanda, how wonderful and inspiring is your blog? I found you on Pinterest (the best invention after sliced bread). All joking aside, this is absolutely gorgeous! I am looking forward to update ours, especially making a countertop just like yours! What a saver for small Laundry rooms. :) Congratulations!! LOVE your blog!

  6. Denise Harris says:

    Beautiful laundry room! Your countertops are exactly the color I have been trying to find for my kitchen! Would you mind sharing the color?

  7. How did you do the countertops, wanting to do something like that in my laundry room! :) Beautiful work!

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