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With each passing day we get that much closer to seeing this house finished and I can hardly wait! There’s still loads to do until it’s done, but I wanted to share a little sneak peek of some of the selections we’ve made, mostly because I just like to stare at the pictures and imagine the final outcome 😉

I’m going for a really bright, fresh feel for this home with a little transitional but slightly more modern-craftsmen-sorta farmhouseish-mildly industrial vibe.

So that should give you a pretty clear idea.

Or not.

I think long gone are the days where you have to stick with just one design style. If you do it right (and God willing I do) I think you can blend all sorts of different styles to create a really beautiful home.

Just don’t quote me on that, because I have no actual clue what I’m doing – or talking about.

I just know what I like.

I’ll focus on the kitchen in this post. In my opinion it’s one of the most important areas of the home. Everyone gathers there, you use it every single day and it should be a well loved space. By far the biggest hurdle of the kitchen was the countertops. Those ever loving countertops.

We went back and forth so many times on them, and this is why: I might be stubborn.

What I want and what is practical are not the same things. I want, like the rest of the world, carrara marble.

carrara marble

It’s freaking beautiful. It’s also porous and etches easily.

But I am practical enough to know that no matter what anyone claims, real marble is a disaster waiting to happen. At least in my family. Can you just imagine grape juice spilled all over it? Because I sure can.

If you’re able to live with the imperfections that come along with marble, well, I’m super jealous because you’ll have some incredible countertops.

I just can’t live my life on the edge like that.

So we were off on the hunt for something that looks similar, but is very much not marble.

I’ll save you some time here, if you’re thinking you will find a granite that looks anything like carrara marble, just stop looking right now. You 99.9% most likely will not be able to find it. Maybe it exists, but not in Minnesota. I know because we went to several different stone companies and nothing even came close.

I did however find this fantastic granite, Camelot Gray, which we will be using elsewhere in the house. As of now it’s planned to be installed in the basement kitchenette.

camelot gray granite

You’re going to have to excuse the iPhone photo, because it does this granite no justice. Just trust that in person it’s fantastic.

We eventually decided on quartz. It’s a high quality, durable material and they’ve really improved the looks of it. In fact I was pleased to see many companies that manufacture quartz have tried to replicate the look of marble. Marble is its own special beauty, so you’ll never be able to perfectly replicate it, but from what I see many of these companies have came close!

So, here it is – a tiny little glimpse!

kitchen countertop

This is Caeserstone Noble Gray quartz. It’s actually fairly close to the look of marble. The veining is a little more bold and tighter than the carrara, but I think that will help offset too much white in the kitchen.

I fell in love with it online actually and was ridiculously happy to find out it was being released in spring of 2016. Which was great, except any place we went had yet to hear of it, let alone carry it. In the meantime I had found other quartz that was close, but they just were not Noble Gray. I had actually settled on another quartz brand only to find out it was out of stock and the shipment date continued to be pushed back.

We were getting to a point where the shipment date was way too close to the time we’d need to install it and I didn’t want to continue to risk delays. So, we went to one last place and wouldn’t you know it, they had Noble Gray, in stock, in a full slab (many places you only get to see a small 12″x12″ sample).

I’m fairly certain it whispered my name when I walked by.

So the countertops are done. And if anything changes, there’s a good chance I’ll cry.

The cabinets will be white shaker style again, similar to our previous home. The backsplash will be a light colored glass tile and the appliances will all be stainless steel. We decided on an apron front kitchen sink, again similar to our old house, only this time it’ll be stainless steel as well with a “commercial” type faucet.

The pendant lights over the island will play off the stainless steel appliances as well and I’m absolutely in love with them.

pendant light

Ok I know what you’re thinking- that sounds like a whole of stainless steel. And it is, but I think the space can handle it.

So, that’s it for now. I don’t want to give it all away yet, but the idea of the kitchen is there and I cannot wait to see it all come together!


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  1. Hey Amanda, I loved your DIY of the peel & stick backsplash! Where did you purchase those specific tiles? My sister & I want to update our house with those.

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