It’s Only Been A Year…

Since I last posted. And I bet you didn’t think I’d be back. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would be either. But a lot of exciting things have happened during this time and selfishly, I want a way to look back and remember it all, so…here I am.

For starters, we had baby #3! And thanks to the joys of first trimester, that’s about the last time I posted too. That, and having 3 littles under 4 years old hasn’t exactly left with me a lot of spare time.

We welcomed our sweet Anna into the world on January 4, 2016. And we immediately fell in love with all 7 lbs 9 oz of her squishy, new baby goodness.


And then about 5 minutes after I gave birth to an entire new human, my husband says “maybe we should have another to even the family out”.

I couldn’t even muster up an answer to that.

0338 nellis 01-11-16

Although I will admit, thinking this may be the last time I’ll get to breathe in my newborn baby, my ovaries start hurting.

And right about the time I start thinking that maybe just one more wouldn’t be so bad, one of them reminds me that mama’s got her hands full with a well timed meltdown.

So, between God and a little more time, we’ll see if our family is complete. For now, I’m loving on this little girl as much as I can.

0219 nellis 01-11-16

Big brother and sister are pretty smitten with her too.

0043 nellis 01-11-16

And it didn’t take her long to get dad wrapped around her little fingers.

0138 nellis 01-11-16

Or mom either for that matter.

0127 nellis 01-11-16

She’s 12 weeks old already as I’m writing this post and I’m still looking for the proverbial pause button, because it really does go oh so fast.

Although, in her short 12 weeks this girl has been through a lot with her family! Within the month of having Anna, we put our first home up for sale, sold it the day after we brought her home from the hospital and moved when she was 7 weeks old. Whew!

We’re currently renting a home…while our new home is built!

For someone who likes order, and structure, and routine, the past two months have been quite the ride. And harder on our four year old than we anticipated. But, it’ll all be worth it when we can put some roots down in our ‘forever’ home.

I can’t wait to share the process of building the home that means so much to me. It’s been a long time coming and to be at this point is surreal. So stay tuned, because if all goes well, we’ll be breaking ground this week!

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