Get Ready To Grow Your Blog

Grow Your Blog

I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a little insight to what makes this blog and what makes its creator; i.e: me.

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my grandpa and woodworking. Or my mom and crafting. I just assumed that’s what all families did, was make things. And so it’s always been in me to want to create. And despite taking every art class offered in high school, once in college I was on a path fast forward to a career in medicine.

And somehow between college, graduate school, marriage, starting a career and becoming a mother I felt a part of me was missing.

And I struggled with that.

How could I possibly feel like something was missing when I looked at what was all around me?

And so it started with some little projects around the house. With each project I felt that missing piece getting smaller.

Then I started photographing and writing about those projects and before I knew it, The Hatched Home was hatched.

(See what I did there?)

As I said, my background is in medicine, which means when I started blogging I knew nothing about it. Really, nothing. Because of that I wanted to find a way to help other beginning bloggers in what can often be both an exciting and frustrating endeavor.

At first I wanted to write a series of posts about starting a blog, but then I came across Abby Lawson of and she has this ridiculously helpful ebook called Building A Framework: Everything I Learned My First Year Of Blogging.

Turns out my work was done for me.

So thank you Abby for writing Building A Framework. I could keep telling you how helpful this book is, but maybe instead you should just take a look for yourself.

Get Ready To Grow Your Blog

But mostly I just want to thank you for reading this, it means more than you know. I understand not everyone gets blogging and why I would spend a good chunk of my free time with my laptop and all of you, but through this blog I’ve been able to create, write and (slowly) learn photography. I’ve found that missing piece, the piece of me that needs to be constructive, be creative.

My hope for you is that you feel inspired to tackle a project, or a new tool, or maybe if you’re like me, you find your missing piece.

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I’m a Minnesota mama of three, wife of one, and human to our 4 legged canine friends Charlie and Jack. I’m a lover of all things DIY, coffee with cream, summer nights at the lake and good craft beer.

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