Drywall. Check.

Well, our home is moving right along. And that’s a very good thing because I think we are all ready to claim back some resemblance of normal family life. It’s weird living in limbo. Really weird. And with very young children it’s also…challenging. I’ve decided we’ve officially reached chaos threshold. While I like to think we work surprisingly well under pressure, I absolutely won’t mind when things ease up a bit.

I last left you with the completion of the framing, well, outside framing. Now the inside is not only framed, but sheetrocked as well! Now, onto mudding and taping.

AND this week begins siding! I’ll save that for another post though.

Back to the sheetrock.

Our home is a single story walkout, but when people ask what our house looks like, we tend to break it up into three sections. There’s the mudroom/porch/deck area (or the right side of the house), there’s the central area consisting of the kitchen/dining opening into the living room and then there’s the left side made up of the master bedroom and two other bedrooms.

The basement will also have three bedrooms, a kitchenette, bathroom and a large open living space.

So when you enter from the garage you enter into the mudroom.

mudroom 2

We will have an “L” shaped built in locker system/bench in this corner.

And you better believe I put doors on those lockers. I fully intend to keep those doors closed and live in denial that the mess behind them doesn’t exist.

You can see into the laundry room in this pic too. The half bath and walk-in coat closet are to the right and not pictured.

The closet and half bath are just that. Nothing fancy about them. The laundry room however, I put a lot more thought into.

In a perfect world, my laundry room would be about triple the size. But, apparently we have a budget to stick to (because, adulthood) so instead I maximized every last inch of space in that room.


This back wall will have the utility sink and washer/dryer. We will have a built in surrounding the washer/dryer with cabinetry above both the washer, dryer and sink. There’ll be a hanging rod thrown in there as well.

laundry 2

On the opposite wall we managed to cram in a tall cabinet for brooms, cleaning supplies etc. as well as cubbies for laundry baskets. Next to that will be a lower cabinet which will also have a pull out drying rack (pulls out horizontally for flat drying) and a countertop with upper cabinet. I also threw in a tv outlet, you know, for watching tv while I do all that clothes folding.

I convinced Rick this is what would help motivate me to fold clothes. So, that should work well.

From the mudroom you walk into the kitchen. To the left will be the refrigerator and double ovens centered on the wall with both upper and lower cabinetry on each side.

kitchen 1

To the right will be the range top and vent hood with both upper and lower cabinetry as well. The island will sit in front of that wall overlooking the living room. The island is quite large, approximately 10 feet long by nearly 4 feet wide, but it’ll also house our sink and dishwasher so that eats into some of the space.


Overlooking from where the island will be into the living room.


The living room will have a central fireplace with stone surrounding it and extending all the way to the ceiling. There’ll also be built in cabinetry flanking the fireplace and 7″ crown moulding. The living room ceiling bumps up to 11 feet, whereas the rest of the main floor is 9 foot ceilings, hence the larger crown moulding. From the front door you will look into the living room.


Speaking of the front door, I desperately wanted a coffered ceiling in the entry way. Serves no functional purpose, but it’s beautiful and adds a lot of architectural interest. A win in my book. So, this is the start of it and I


The dining area is just off the kitchen, but it’s probably more accurately described as an eat in kitchen. We’ll have a built in buffet with a wine rack and cookbook storage as well, which should serve as a nice focal point for the area- only not now, too much Sheetrock in the way 😉 .


From the dining area glass french doors will open into the porch. I’m going for a ‘coastal cottage-y’ vibe there. What? It’s a thing.

The walls will be white shiplap and the ceiling will be a white painted wood as well. It’ll be clean, simple, bright….and cozy…because it’s not a very big space. There’ll be a ceiling fan in the porch that matches the fan on the covered deck as well.


We chose a 3 pane sliding door onto the deck because we wanted to let in as much natural light as possible. My husband’s splurge was heaters for the deck. This was his area so I don’t know much about these heaters, other than they’re infrared and there’ll be two heaters mounted on top each side of the deck. There’s timers and other features as well…but I only care about two things.

1. They heat the area nicely extending our use of the deck in this MN climate and 2. Easily operated. Nothing makes me more cranky than not being able to operate the things in our home. Rick knows this, as he’s often received what we’ll term “animated” phone calls from me.

image image

Onto the bedroom area.

This is looking down the hall towards bedrooms.


The master bedroom is to the right and will have double doors leading into it, but other than that, it’s just a room. I had more fun with the bathroom picking out the tile and fixtures. We also have in-floor heat in the bathroom and shower, so basically I’ll probably never leave that room.



Master bath- looking straight towards tub. You can see the walk in shower to the right. The red tubing is the in floor heat ?  To the left in the bathroom will be our closet.


The bedroom to the left will also have glass french doors leading into it and will serve as our office.


There’ll be a full bath in the hall as well as a couple closets.

And Anna’s room is the third bedroom upstairs. It’s another cozy room, but it’ll be the perfect size for a nursery. We anticipate as she gets older she’ll want to ditch being close to mom and dad, and will move to the basement with the other kids…which is why we planned for three bedrooms down there.

anna room

So that’s the main floor. I’ll save the basement for another post because I’ve rambled on long enough. I’m just so excited that we’re getting closer to seeing the interior finishes and really seeing the style of the home.  Above anything what I’m hoping to achieve is timeless simplicity.

That seems to be the theme for this home, or the decor at least. And because of that I’m drawn towards Scandinavian design- because it’s so simplistic. We started heading down this path a year ago by majorly decluttering our possessions. We just recently got done with another huge overhaul. And I’m sure there’ll be more to go yet. The goal is that everything that goes into the new home serves a purpose, has function and has significance. And maybe make our lives flow with a little more ease?! Maybe.

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I’m a Minnesota mama of three, wife of one, and human to our 4 legged canine friends Charlie and Jack. I’m a lover of all things DIY, coffee with cream, summer nights at the lake and good craft beer.


  1. Krista Barnes says:

    Shiplap, another Joanna Gaines?!! It looks amazing Amanda. Am mildly envious. We are overhauling an early 80s house with terrible original decor, very challenging.

    • Ha- I know- Shiplap is probably terribly overdone by now! But I can’t help it, I love it! Oh my gosh, I give you so much credit, I highly doubt I could live through a major renovation. Way more stressful than building, but probably far more gratifying to see the end result. Enjoy and good luck!

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