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Somebody pinch me because I cannot believe the big day is here. We broke ground! This has been such a long time coming.

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classic family picture 😉

It was over three years ago I first told Rick about my idea to move back to the area I grew up. I’m fairly certain he didn’t give it much thought at the time. In fact, I can almost guarantee you he figured it was just another one of my fleeting thoughts, one that would be long forgotten in a couple weeks.

Except I knew this idea wasn’t going anywhere. And I also knew that my idea may very well be something my husband would never agree with.

We’d just had our first child, had settled into our careers with a great hospital system, and had only been living in the house we built (our first home) for two years. Life really couldn’t be a whole lot better. It was pretty much any person could ask for.

But I couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling of something missing. It was the birth of our child that brought that little nagging feeling to front and center, where it could no longer be ignored.

We lived in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul and while our neighborhood was great, I felt the definite lack of community. Perhaps it was just my perspective, but it seemed as though everyone simply lived there. Most commuted to their jobs in other cities, their children went to schools in other cities. Everything was done outside of the city we were living in. Besides a place to sleep, there seemed to be few other ties to the community.

That may work well for some people, but it never did sit quite right with me.

Mostly, I felt lonely. Seems strange when you’re surrounded by thousands of people. But sometimes I think being surrounded by so much can have such an isolating effect.

I was greatly missing the commonality you feel in a small town. You support the same small businesses, your children learn in the same school system, you root for the same team. Like myself, most have relatives that have lived there for many generations before.

Maybe that’s too much of a generalization, but I don’t think so.

This sense of community helps me feel grounded when the world seems to be moving too fast to keep up with.

There is a comfort in familiarity that I would’ve never been able to appreciate however, had I never left.

When I turned 18 it was all I could do to leave. I felt suffocated and I needed to get out. I wanted to see what else the world had to offer. And I did. I’m so glad I did.

I can only hope my children will feel this same way someday.

And now that I’ve left, it’s all I can do to get back. To feel a part of something, a part of a community, a place to put some roots down for the family my husband and I have created.

I only had to convince my husband. I was so nervous when I brought it up to him. This idea, to move back, meant more to me than I think he realized. But I didn’t want it to be a one-sided decision. I didn’t want to make him miserable at the sake of my happiness. I couldn’t do that to him. But I couldn’t continue to live feeling so isolated either.

Over the past three years we’ve made slow changes that hinted at moving. Kind of like dipping our toes in the water, you know, just to check out the temperature first.

If we were going to move, it was going to be right for our entire family.

But first, we’d have to say goodbye to our first home. The home where we became a family, where we brought our babies home to. Saying goodbye was as bittersweet as it gets. And I’m grateful I can look back at that home whenever I’m feeling a little nostalgic by watching this. We made a lot of memories in that home. But now, it’s time for new memories in a new home.

Through a series of many fortunate events, the pieces of the puzzle have fallen together nicely. Not that it wasn’t without some hiccups, or stress, but that just adds to the adventure (it’s easy to say that in hindsight).

We now have three babies, jobs we’re happy with and the last piece of the puzzle is coming together TODAY- starting the build of our forever home!

house staked

Our lot staked out

We’ve both made sacrifices for this to happen, but undoubtedly Rick has made the most. He somehow manages to work harder than any person I know while being a great husband and one hell of a father. If you’re reading this Rick, THANK YOU. I know I don’t say it enough.

Now, let’s get building that dream home.

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