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Big Progress, Big Loss

It’s been a while since I last posted about the house, and there’s been some big progress since then. It’s really starting to look like a house now!

The framing is all finished, the roof is on and shingled and it won’t be too much longer before siding will go up. I’m so anxious to see the siding and completion of the exterior. I have this vision in my head you know, and I’m just terrified it’ll come out looking all wrong. Not because of anything anyone else does, but because I couldn’t take what’s in my head and make it become a reality. Especially on something as big as siding since you can’t really say ‘oh just kidding, that’s not what I actually wanted, change it please’.

There’s been other progress as well. The garage floor has been poured making it feel a little more garage-y. We opted to have in-floor heat installed as well as floor drains. The plan is to have the dog kennel in the garage and we wanted it to be comfortable in the winter. It doesn’t hurt that it’ll benefit us humans as well too!

We’ve done our initial electrical walk through on the main level, the basement will have to wait until decent enough weather to pour concrete. Once the basement concrete is poured and framing is finished, we’ll do another electrical walk through then. Plumbing has started to go in as well.

We’re just moving right along. Mostly it’s been without any major hiccups so far. We have the ongoing debate of ‘spend the money now and do it right the first time vs spend more money later getting it the way you want’. Tough debate when you have this thing called a budget getting in the way. Pesky little bugger.

To jog your memory, this is what the house looked like last time I posted.


And here’s the house now!

front of houseside of houseFullSizeRender

Our little Anna snoozing in the living room :)

anna new house

Unfortunately, during this time we also lost a family member. Charlie, our yorkie, was hit and killed by a car two days ago. He was the first living thing Rick and I were responsible for as a couple, besides ourselves. He was our first ‘baby’ and will always have a special spot in our hearts because of that. Although sweet and cuddly, he was also a feisty little thing. And anxious as all get out. And I will forever regret complaining about his peculiarities, because now I miss them so much.

We buried him in the back yard of the new house, along a line of pine trees. His grave is marked with a hosta and some flowers, and once we move in, we’ll work on improving his little garden. The grave will be a place the kids can go visit and talk to Charlie any time they miss him.

Charlie was a special part of our family and will sure be missed.

charliecharlie's grave

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