Archives for April 2015

Upcycled Wood Shim Frame

A few months ago I picked up this tattered old frame from Goodwill, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but for $3.99 I figured I’d eventually find a use. So when I was walking through our garage the other day and noticed some shims in our stockpile of wood, I […]

Wood Slice Hanging Planter

The calendar says it’s spring, but clearly it’s confused because I awoke to sleet and snow flurries. Not funny mother nature, not funny. Especially because I’ve had a serious itch to get started on some outdoor projects. While some of them are just going to have to wait for warmer weather, this super simple DIY […]

Defining Parenthood

Sometimes I have really long commutes to work. Like, an hour and half each way (plus a 12hr shift, but who’s counting?). And a part of me really enjoys that quiet time. Sometimes I just drive along reveling in complete silence, because silence is so rare in my life. And sometimes I listen to the […]

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