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Easy DIY Play Kitchen

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Did you survive all the festivities? We barely sure did and to prove it we have an entire house full of new toys. Some of those new toys were tea sets and play food, which got my noggin thinking. And even though we are nearing the end […]

Laundry Room ~ Progress

It’s been a busy week between ridding the house of strep throat, hosting a small family Christmas and taking newborn photos of my nephew but we’ve still managed to make some progress on the laundry room, so I wanted to give you a little peek and show you how to make an incredibly easy countertop […]

Pssst. 1 Day Left in Sign Giveaway!

You guys! OH.MY.GOODNESS. I just got back from picking up the sign. That’s right, I didn’t actually have it in my possession but since I happen to know the creators of it quite well, I knew it would be good. But I didn’t know it would be this good.  And now that it’s in my […]

The Before: Laundry Room and a Giveaway

With the busy holiday season coming up I wanted to give you a little preview of what’s up next, as this will take a bit longer. We actually started this quite some time ago, maybe even shortly after Matthew was born (and he’ll be 3 in February, yikes!). Which means I’ve been looking at this […]

The Easiest iPad Holder. Ever.

I told my husband that if he needs a gift idea I would really like an iPad holder for my kitchen counter. That was a year ago. And still no holder. So I made one instead. I’ll forgive him; this time. He is a busy man after all. You know how when people say “oh, […]

Kreg What?

Let’s build a box! You might have heard me talk about a Kreg Jig before and may be wondering what exactly it is. Well, conveniently I’ve been wanting to make a decorative wooden box for oh, the last six months or so, and the kreg jig is just the thing to use. Well, so are […]

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