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Board and Batten

When your husband calls and says he wants to put up board and batten, what’s a girl to do except say, umm yes please! We’ve been talking about installing board and batten in our dining room for probably two years. We just never got around to it until now. Our home has a very open […]

Our NICU Story

Here’s our story, in brief. Kind of. I’ve had five pregnancies and as a result, three amazing children. If you do the math, that means I’ve also experienced the pain of two miscarriages. Our first miscarriage was my first pregnancy. Which was its own kind of devastating. I think for most women that second you […]

My first Ikea hack

I come from a family that’s quite handy. And creative. And sometimes I feel like somehow I was spared those genes (or at least the patience such things require), especially when I see the quality of the work. And then I remember, it takes time to learn these traits. And their first pieces of work […]

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